How to choose the right suppliers for your wedding – 5 steps to help you

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How to choose the right suppliers for your wedding

How do you know you are choosing the right suppliers for your wedding?

Your date is set, and your venue is booked, now it is time to book suppliers.  But how do you know you are selecting the right suppliers for your wedding?
Here are 5 steps on how to choose the right suppliers for your wedding.

Step 1 – Get wedding supplier recommendations.

If you have a wedding planner, you are off to a good start as they will have a list of recommended suppliers that they can refer to you.

But what if you do not have the help of a planner?
Facebook wedding groups are a great start to getting recommendations for wedding suppliers in and around the area you are getting married.

Asking couples who they have booked that they are either currently using or have used in the past is a great way to find suitable suppliers that will help you create your special day.

Get recommendations from couples you know who have gotten married.  If you attended the wedding, then it may be a bonus for you as you would have seen the Band or DJ do their thing.  Got to see how good the photographer was at getting the shots the couple wanted.  Along with the décor and flowers used.  Not to mention the dresses, suits and the wedding invitation.

Recommendations from couples you know are definitely at the top as they will give you their experience and if they thought they were worth the money spent.

Your venue is also another way to get recommendations for suppliers.  A lot of venues have a list of suppliers that they have worked with before.  So definitely ask your venue coordinator if they know any.

Step 2 – Research the suppliers

Now that you have a list of wedding suppliers, you need to research them.  Just because one or a few couples have said they are amazing does not mean they are right for you.  Their price may be out of your budget or they may not service the location area that you are getting married in.

Go visit their websites and Facebook business pages.  Read over their reviews and see what past couples and even other wedding suppliers have said about them.

View their past work.

Step 3 – Get quotes from the wedding suppliers

Once you have selected a few suppliers that you seem to like, get quotes from them.  By doing this, you will be able to see if they fit into your wedding budget.

As well as get an idea of what you need to budget for if you haven’t already done your wedding budget.

If you need help with your wedding budget and need to get an idea of what to expect.  Here is an article I have previously done.  Click Here to Read More.

Step 4 – Meeting or chatting with wedding suppliers.

The next most crucial step to choosing the right suppliers for your wedding is meeting with them.  Or if you are unable to meet in person, see if you can video chat or call them to chat.

You must be able to talk with the potential supplier that you would like to hire for your wedding.  But why is it so important you ask?  When it comes time to book your suppliers, you need to know that their service is right for you and you can do that by having a conversation with them.

Now, of course, you do not need to do this with every wedding supplier, but it is highly recommended to do this step with your major ones.  As these ones you need to be able to connect with, as you will be working closely with them.

If you are at the very start of your planning or have decided further into your wedding plans that you would like to hire a wedding planner or have on the day coordination.  Then you need to be able to connect with the planner before you hire them.

The same goes for the celebrant.  Both the planner or on the day coordinator and celebrant plays a significant role in your special day, and you need to make sure that the person you choose is going to do their job right.  Along with having the personality that you are looking for and be on the same page as you.

Other significant suppliers such as your DJ or band are ones that if you can not meet in person a phone call to chat with them is a must, as they too play an essential part on your special day.

Step 5 – Making the final decision.

Before booking any suppliers you and your partner need to sit down and chat about all the information that you have gathered.  Go over everything together to work out which supplier is best suited to helping you create your special day.

In a way, it is kind of like an interview process where you, the couple is the employer, and the wedding supplier is the one being interviewed.  Except you are hiring them for one of the most important days of your life.

Which is why doing your research and chatting with the suppliers first before booking anyone is so essential.

Have you considered a Wedding Planner?

I mentioned earlier about wedding planners having access to all the suppliers that you would need for your wedding.

Having a wedding planner to help you, not only plan your wedding but source all your suppliers would take a lot of stress out of the wedding planning process.

If you are a couple that wants to plan your wedding yourself, or a full wedding planning package doesn’t fit into your budget.  There are planners such as myself that offer partial planning or bespoke packages, where they can help you with only some of the planning or just sourcing the suppliers for you.
Check out my Bespoke Wedding Package to find out more info about how I can help you choose the right suppliers for your wedding.

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