9 Tips for How to Remember a Loved One at a Wedding

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remember a loved one at a wedding

Do you want to remember a deceased loved one on your wedding day?

When it comes to our loved ones, I know there is nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to have those that we have lost there on your special day. Especially if it is our grandparents or parents as they make such a significant impact on our life.  So how can a couple remember a loved one at a wedding?

My husband and I, we were one of those couples that would have loved our Grandparents to be there in person. But it just was not the case.

So, we choose to remember and honor them on our day and do something special.

In this blog post, I want to share with you what we did to remember and honor our loved ones. And give you some other wedding ideas of what you could do.

What we did to remember and honor our loved ones that passed.

My husband had lost his Grandfather, and I had lost my Grandmother and Grandfather. My husband was close to his Grandfather, and I was close to my Grandmother.

Unfortunately, I lost my Grandfather when I was very young and did not get the chance to know him. But my Grandmother and my mum would always tell me stories about him. So, I got to know him through them.

Both my husband and I wanted more than anything for them to be there on the day. But as this was not possible. We got our celebrant to include an individual reading in our ceremony to honour and remember them.

remember a loved one at a wedding

What are some ideas to remember a loved one at a wedding?

There are many wedding ideas you could do to remember and honor your loved ones. And it will come down to personal preference. You may even think of something that I do not mention, and if you do or you have done something different, please feel free to share your ideas in the comments box.

1. Memorial Table at your Wedding Reception?

It is something you can have set up at your wedding reception to honor your loved ones. But also so your family members or guests that knew your lost loved ones can even remember them.

You can include a sign that says, In Loving Memory Of. So your wedding guest knows what it is. Then you can add other items such as pictures, a poem, or a lovely quote. My favorite is:

We know you would be here today,

If Heaven wasn’t so far away!

You could also have a special box or jar set up with pen and paper for family members or other guests to write their memories down on.

Later on, that night, you could do a special toast, reading some of the memories that have been shared by your guests.

If you don’t want to do the memory part, you can just read them at home.

Another idea, especially if you are a creative person, is to create a memory book of your loved one’s life with you to place on the memorial table.

You could do this by gathering memories, quotes the person used to say, and photos. Place the book on the table for guests at your wedding to view.

2. Setting a place for your deceased loved ones at your reception.

A way to honor your loved ones is to have a place set for them on a table just as if they were physically going to be there.

But you can make these a bit more special, by adding a photo of your loved ones or a little saying such as:

You are always with us in spirit.

Here is a place for you to join us,

on our wedding day.

3. Reserve a seat at the wedding ceremony.

You can do this, whichever way you like, but a couple of ideas come to mind for me.

You could keep it simple and have a sign placed on the seat. A possible wording idea could be, this seat is saved for our dearly departed and include who the person is to you and their name.

Or if you want to decorate it up a bit, you could also place a picture, a bunch of flowers, or even a beautiful poem on the seat. These can then be transferred to a memorial table or table setting at your reception.

remember a loved one at a wedding

4. A reading to honor your loved ones.

Whether it is during your ceremony or the speeches at your reception, you or you could do an individual reading to remember and honor your loved ones. Or if you feel you may get too emotional to do it, you could choose a family member to do it for you.

5. I want to do something special during the ceremony.

Your celebrant will be able to help you with this and incorporate what you want to do into the ceremony.

Some of the other things you can do are:

  • Place roses or their favorite flowers on a table.
  • Having something included in the program for your guests to read?
  • Get your celebrant to incorporate something into what they readout.
  • Have a moment of reflection, a minute silence to remember.

6. Light a candle in memory of your loved one.

It is a great one to incorporate into your wedding ceremony. And again, your celebrant will be able to help you with this if you want to use a remembrance candle in your service.

The lighting of a candle to remember loved ones we have lost is such a simple but powerful way to honor them. Your celebrant will be able to help you with this. They will have suggestions on how to incorporate this into your ceremony.

7. Include photos in your wedding photography.

When it comes to the family photos at your wedding, you may also want to consider included pictures of your loved ones in them too. Even though they are not there physically does not mean you do not have to have them in your wedding photos. 

By having pictures of them in beautiful frames, either being held by you or other family members, it may be an excellent way to be able to honor their memory.

8. Display a Memorial Board instead of a welcome board.

Today, most couples have a “Welcome to Our Wedding” board where guests enter the ceremony or wedding reception.

But an idea you can do to remember a loved one at a wedding is to display a memorial board either instead of, or combine it with the welcome board.

You can include pictures of you loved ones.  But you can also include some text, for example you could have:

Welcome to the Wedding of
Name of Couple

Today we would also like to
remember our loved ones
who are in Heaven today

You could even combine this with lighting of candles, and have your guests light a candle on there way through to the ceremony or reception.

9. What is something else I can do without making a big deal out of it?

If you want to do something special, but you don’t want to do anything significant and want to keep it subtle. There are a few other ways you can keep it low key. Especially if you’re going to make it more personal. 

Play their favorite song. If you are lucky and their favorite song is one you can walk down the aisle too, maybe use it for that or your first dance.

Wear something of theirs from their wedding. It could be anything from the Jewellery, or wedding dress to the cufflinks or tie.

Hang small pictures of your loved one, on your bouquet, or your jacket. 

If you are one for sentimental, you could also have their wedding ring passed down to you so you can wear them.

remember a loved one at a wedding

There is so much you can do to remember your loved ones at a wedding. And for those that want to do something like this. Then I hope this has helped you with some ideas.

Pinterest is also full of ideas as well, so be sure to look around on there for more ways.

And if you have an idea, you would like to share with other couples looking to do something to honor their loved ones. Please put them in the comment box below.

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